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Program per modifikim fotosh

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gnuplot Cookbook E-Books #1

gnuplot Cookbook
gnuplot Cookbook By Lee Phillips
2012 | 220 Pages | ISBN: 184951724X | EPUB + PDF | 2 MB + 6 MB

gnuplot is the worlds finest technical plotting software, used by scientists, engineers, and others for many years. It is in constant development and runs on practically every operating system, and can produce output in almost any format. The quality of its 3d plots is unmatched and its ability to be incorporated into computer programs and document preparation systems is excellent.

Tags: gnuplot, Cookbook,
Views: 0 author: way_vs 13-04-2012, 03:19 Comments (0) Read More


Portable SafeIP v2.0.0.1020 Software » Portable #2

Portable SafeIP v2.0.0.1020
Portable SafeIP v2.0.0.1020 | 12.8 Mb

SafeIP provides several easy ways to help you browse more anonymously online. Block cookies, conceal your referrer and browser agent, block ads and prevent you from accessing known dangerous sites. And all for free, no adware or similar catches. Apart from enhancing your privacy, this may also allow you access to some sites you wouldn``t normally be able to reach. If you``ve ever tried to view content and got a "not available in your country" message, for instance, that``s probably down to your IP address, and getting another may help. Click the "Settings" button and you``ll find SafeIP has many more options. It can also remove your browser``s user agent header, for instance. And there are options to block cookies, or website referrers.
Views: 0 author: hoangduydu 3-06-2013, 06:02 Comments (0) Read More


Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove + The Order of Death (2009) Movies #3

Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove + The Order of Death (2009)

Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove + The Order of Death (2009)
English | avi | 512 x 384 | 29.97 fps | XVID 1988 kbps | Mp3 192 Kbps | 700MB
Views: 0 author: yamoto 14-07-2010, 16:49 Comments (0) Read More


Reg Organizer 6.34 + Portable Software #4

Reg Organizer 6.34 + Portable
Reg Organizer 6.34 + Portable | 11 MB

Reg Organizer is a feature-rich application designed to edit, clean and maintain registry, fix errors in the system, and improve computer performance. The deep registry search feature lets you find all registry keys related to a specific application. The program helps you to edit registry files (.reg) and view their content directly from Windows Explorer. There is also a built-in application uninstaller, allowing you to uninstall redundant applications from the system completely. Another set of features will be useful to administrators, as well as ordinary users.

Tags: Reg, Organizer, Portable
Views: 0 author: hoangduydu 4-03-2014, 15:24 Comments (0) Read More


Sandboxie 3.58 Final Software » System Tools #5

Sandboxie 3.58 Final

Sandboxie 3.58 Final | 2.2 MB

When you run a program on your computer, data flows from the hard disk to the program via read operations. The data is then processed and displayed, and finally flows back from the progam to the hard disk via write operations. For example, if you run the Freecell program to play a game, it starts by reading the previously recorded statistics, displaying and altering them as you play the game, and finally writing them back to disk for future reference. Sandboxie changes the rules such that write operations do not make it back to your hard disk.

Tags: Sandboxie
Views: 0 author: laser 28-08-2011, 11:38 Comments (0) Read More


The Foundry Nuke 6.2.v1 (2011) Software » Graphics & Design #6

The Foundry Nuke 6.2.v1 (2011)

The Foundry Nuke 6.2.v1 (2011) | 1,24 Gb
Views: 0 author: champosta 6-09-2011, 01:14 Comments (0) Read More


The Cleaner 2012 Software » System Tools #7

The Cleaner 2012

The Cleaner 2012 | 47 MB

The Cleaner is a system of programs designed to keep your computer and data safe from Trojans / Worms / Keyloggers / Spyware and all manner of malware. By actively monitoring files and processes on your computer it can detect a virus in action and catch it before it has a chance to do any damage to your valuable data. If you cruise the internet or send and receive e-mail, you can't afford to be without The Cleaner! Never again worry about e-mails you open, or programs you run - The Cleaner detection system will take care of business so you don't have to!

Tags: The Cleaner
Views: 0 author: laser 24-10-2011, 12:04 Comments (0) Read More


HiDownload Pro/Platinum 7.82 Software » Internet Tools #8

HiDownload Pro/Platinum 7.82

HiDownload Pro/Platinum 7.82 | 5.32 Mb

HiDownload Platinum is a multi-threaded download manager that allows you to download individual files (or lists of files) from web and FTP sites while maximizing the potential of your internet connection. It also supports multimedia streaming and and RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol) with optional resume, enabling you to download movies, music and capture streaming video and audio,record radio from Internet.
Views: 0 author: whathesupa 5-05-2010, 13:17 Comments (0) Read More


AppDev JavaScript 1.8 E-Books #9

AppDev JavaScript 1.8
AppDev javascript 1.8
English | 2012 | wmv | 1024x76 | 4 hours | 746 MB
Genre: Video Training

javascript is the programming language of the World Wide Web, the code that makes a Web page come alive. Along with the objects exposed by a Web pages Document Object Model (DOM), the language lets you manipulate a page dynamically and provide instant responses to user actions, with or without ongoing interactions with the Web server.

Tags: AppDev, JavaScript, 1.8
Views: 0 author: way_vs 9-11-2012, 09:10 Comments (0) Read More


The Glycemic-Load Diet E-Books #10

The Glycemic-Load Diet

The Glycemic-Load Diet: A powerful new program for losing weight and reversing insulin resistance by Rob Thompson

MG-H; 1 edition (March 2, 2006) | Language: English | ISBN-10: 0071462694 | EPUB + MOBI | 0.7 mb + 0.8 mb

The glycemic index has been the basis of many popular diets. But it doesn't take into account the serving sizes people actually eat and eliminates too many foods for dieters to stick with it. Now Dr. Robert Thompson's breakthrough program uses the glycemic load--the glycemic index adjusted for serving size--to take the GI a step forward. The glycemic load is a more accurate and effective tool in controlling weight and insulin resistance, allowing dieters to eat more foods while still burning fat, cutting cravings, and speeding up their metabolism. Safe, simple, and scientifically proven, it's the smartest weight-loss plan yet.
Views: 0 author: Book-share 29-04-2011, 13:02 Comments (0) Read More


ADG Aspect Software » Graphics & Design #11

ADG Aspect

ADG Aspect | 4.53 MB | English

ADG Aspect 3D is a program, which lets you from a series of photos quickly and easily generate, edit & publish 3D photo compositions on the Web. ADG 3D can be viewed through ADG Java Viewer that eliminates any plug-in installation and gives a platform independent use on the Internet. It can be integrated with ADG Web Panorama, so you can insert 3D object into 360 degrees panorama.
Views: 0 author: flowerbud 12-10-2010, 18:50 Comments (0) Read More


SV-MicroPE 2k10 Plus Pack CD/USB 2.2 (24.2011) Software #12

SV-MicroPE 2k10 Plus Pack CD/USB 2.2 (24.2011)
SV-MicroPE 2k10 Plus Pack CD/USB 2.2 (24.2011) | 697.93 MB

Preparing to install the OS (with vozmozhnostyu install Win 2000/XP/2003 - utility or Install_Win WinNTSetup), creation / deployment system images, restore / copy data, resuscitation companies, clearing the OS from viruses (trojans), testing the basic components of MS, and more . In general, the drive system administrator.
Views: 0 author: ibrahimk6c 27-10-2011, 12:27 Comments (0) Read More


Rhythm 'n' Chords 2.6 Pro Software » Multimedia #13

Rhythm 'n' Chords 2.6 Pro
Rhythm 'n' Chords 2.6 Pro & Guitar Pattern Library | 10MB

Rhythm'n'Chords- MIDI FX plug-in for Cakewalk Product line (SONAR-, Pro Audio-, Home Studio-, Guitar Studio-) offers musicians the easiest possible method for creating rhythm guitar parts in MIDI format. Simply enter chord symbols into your measures and select a rhythm pattern and your guitar part is ready. Even beginners can quickly create professional quality rhythm guitar parts.
Views: 0 author: zerocoolvn 8-10-2011, 16:21 Comments (0) Read More


Morning Glory (2011) CAM ENG Movies #14

Morning Glory (2011) CAM ENG

Original title: Morning Glory
Ganre: Comedy | Drama | Romance
Duration: 107 min
Size: 1.36 GB

Tags: download, free, peliculas, filmy, moviez, sinema, film, movie, video, videos, movies
Views: 0 author: Zipp8106 21-01-2011, 11:34 Comments (0) Read More


LearnKey - CCNA CBT E-Books #15

LearnKey - CCNA CBT

LearnKey - CCNA CBT
English | Collection Books | BIN | 2.6 GB

The CCNA credential represents a basic knowledge of networking and Cisco technology. With the CCNA Series from LearnKey, candidates pursuing the two-exam option for certification prepare for both required tests, the Introduction to Cisco Networking Technologies exam (INTRO) and the Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices exam (ICND).
Views: 0 author: dlsoftsdotnet 4-10-2011, 11:13 Comments (0) Read More


WISE-FTP 7.0.4 Multilingual Software #16

WISE-FTP 7.0.4 Multilingual
WISE-FTP 7.0.4 Multilingual | 9.3 Mb

WISE-FTP is a powerful FTP client - an application that enables you to connect to any FTP server and download or upload files and directories. You can use WISE-FTP to transfer your files quickly and easily, without having in-depth knowledge about how FTP (File Transfer Protocol) works.
Views: 0 author: prosofthay 22-03-2012, 04:49 Comments (0) Read More


Hirens BootCD 14.0 ENG Full Advanced (2011-08) Software » Downloaders #17

Hirens BootCD 14.0 ENG Full Advanced (2011-08)
Hirens BootCD 14.0 ENG Full Advanced (2011-08) | 2.47 GB

Amazing competently and professionally assembled, the most popular boot "All-in-one" disc, literally everyone, including administrators and administrators for the repair work on the computer.

Tags: hirens, bootcd, 140, eng, full, advanced, 2011, 08
Views: 0 author: tungictu 8-08-2011, 08:50 Comments (0) Read More


Astroprocessor Zet 9.1.29 Build 10417 Software #18

Astroprocessor Zet 9.1.29 Build 10417
Astroprocessor Zet 9.1.29 Build 10417 | 2.6 GB

ZET is a powerful astrology program for the professional astrologer, an effective resource for astronomy students, and a wonderful training tool for beginners.

Overview and features ZET:

ZET combines both astronomical and astrological functions, with lots of astronomical data and graphical information.
Views: 0 author: ibrahimk6c 6-08-2011, 12:42 Comments (0) Read More


Portable Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum v10.0 Build 179 Software » Multimedia #19

Portable Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum v10.0 Build 179
Portable Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum v10.0 Build 179 | 300 Mb

The Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum Production Suite includes everything needed for professional-level video editing, sound design, and DVD/Blu-ray Disc authoring. Easily edit video including high-definition HDV and AVCHD. Create movies to share on DVD or Blu-ray Disc, portable devices, or online. Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum Production Suite has integrated tools for video compositing, color correction, and 5.1 surround sound mixing. Use Sound Forge Audio Studio software for precise audio editing and enhance multimedia projects with 400 exclusive music soundtracks.

Tags: Portable Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum v10.0 Build 179
Views: 0 author: USDNo1 26-07-2010, 12:10 Comments (0) Read More Ultimate 11.1.1 Software #20 Ultimate 11.1.1 Ultimate 11.1.1 | 8.2 MB Ultimate - a suite of tools for increasing operating system performance. cleanly removes unwanted software from disk drives and dead references from the Windows registry. puts you in control of the Windows start up process, memory monitoring and gives you the power to customize desktop and system options to fit your needs.

Tags: wintools, net, ultimate, tool, utility, software, application, apps
Views: 0 author: amigo 24-02-2011, 07:13 Comments (0) Read More


Unity Pro 3.2.0f4 Software #21

Unity Pro 3.2.0f4

Unity Pro 3.2.0f4 | 446 MB | English
Views: 0 author: vsndlk51 20-02-2011, 04:40 Comments (0) Read More


Ilary Blasi - Italian TV show Graphics #22

Ilary Blasi - Italian TV show
Ilary Blasi - Italian TV show 'Le Iene'
70 JPG | 1330x2000 | 24,9 Mb
Italian showgirl, model, television personality, and former child actress
Views: 0 author: YOMATA 5-11-2011, 11:45 Comments (0) Read More


Electric Image Animation Studio 8.0 Software #23

Electric  Image  Animation Studio 8.0
Electric Image Animation Studio 8.0

Electric Image Animation Studio is widely used in Hollywood and in professional studios around the world. EIAS is a three-dimensional software, without which it can not do any one artist CGI. For nearly 15 years, developed and complemented by an application that allows you to create superior three-dimensional graphics. If you hope to create animations in the style of Hollywood, the Electric Image Animation Studio is for you. EIA has a high processing speed, which allows you to quickly and easily create feature films. Animation system (EIAS) is an outstanding package of three-dimensional animation. EIA can ispolzavat for both Mac and for PC. Now you easily can liven up your three-dimensional scenes.
Views: 0 author: ibrahimk6c 20-02-2011, 15:45 Comments (0) Read More


HGTV Home & Landscape Platinum Suite 12.01.?2.586 Retail Software #24

HGTV Home & Landscape Platinum Suite 12.01.?2.586 Retail

HGTV Home & Landscape Platinum Suite 12.01.?2.586 Retail | 1.05 GB
Views: 0 author: yamoto 5-08-2010, 14:51 Comments (0) Read More


NewLive All Media To Mp3 Converter Pro 7.7 Software » Multimedia #25

NewLive All Media To Mp3 Converter Pro 7.7

NewLive All Media To Mp3 Converter Pro 7.7 | 5.62 MB | English

All Media To MP3 Converter Pro can convert all popular video and audio files to MP3, WMA and WAVE format. It supports converting AVI(DIVX,XVID), MPEG, Real, MOV, WAV, WMA, WMV, VCD and DVD to MP3 format.
Views: 0 author: flowerbud 5-06-2012, 19:17 Comments (0) Read More