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Brink *Update 11* (2011/MULTi2/RePack by R.G.Catalyst) Games #1

Brink *Update 11* (2011/MULTi2/RePack by R.G.Catalyst)
Brink *Update 11* (2011/MULTi2/RePack by R.G.Catalyst)
PC | ENG/RUS | Developer: Splash Damage | Publisher: Bethesda Softworks | 2011 | 4.36 GB
Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person

Eventsunfoldingin the Brink Arch - a giant floating city that is on theverge of abrutal civil war. It was built as an experiment asenvironmentallyfriendly and self-contained habitat for humans. But theresult was thehome not only to its founders and their descendants, butalso for thethousands of refugees forced to flee from the land suddenlyfloodedwater. As often happens, the inmates could not get on Arch witheachother and divided into two camps - the rich citizens under theprotectionof security personnel, rebels and ... Those and others areready to goto any lengths to gain control over the last refuge ofhumanity. On whoseside you stand
Views: 0 author: ibrahimk6c 24-08-2011, 00:09 Comments (0) Read More


Android Super Pack Games & Apps 2011-IPT PDA & Mobile » Game #2

Android Super Pack Games & Apps 2011-IPT

Android Super Pack Games & Apps 2011 - IPT | 3.19 GB

This is a super pack with games and apps 2011, All full versions.
Views: 0 author: ibrahimk6c 27-07-2011, 04:36 Comments (0) Read More


Ableton Live 8.2.1 Portable Software #3

Ableton  Live 8.2.1  Portable

Ableton Live 8.2.1 Portable | 200MB

Ableton Live is about making music; for composition, songwriting, recording, production, remixing and live performance. Live's nonlinear, intuitive flow, alongside powerful real-time editing and flexible performance options, make it a unique studio tool and a favorite with live performers. If you'd rather be "making music" than just "using music software," Ableton Live is for you. Live 8, the latest version, includes a wealth of new techniques and improvements with a new groove engine, revamped warping, live looping, new effects, crossfades in the Arrangement View and a reworked MIDI editor.All the Ableton Vsti are activated.
Goto Preferences and setup library.
Change Cache and Temp forlder anywhere you want.
Views: 0 author: dinhcaovn 16-06-2011, 08:05 Comments (0) Read More


FlipCreator Enterprise v3.2.6.5 Software #4

FlipCreator Enterprise v3.2.6.5
FlipCreator Enterprise v3.2.6.5 | 13.7 Mb
FlipCreator is a digital publishing software that allows you to create realistic page-turning e-Publications including E-Book, E-Magazine, E-Brochures, E-Catalogs, E-Reports, E-Newsletters. Convert PDF and images to digital publications directly. All links and table of contents will be imported into your publication automatically. You can add/edit/delete links and table of contents before publishing.
Views: 0 author: oohatoo7 22-03-2012, 20:06 Comments (0) Read More


LiveCD Android 0.3 Software » System Tools #5

LiveCD Android 0.3

LiveCD Android 0.3 | 172 MB

LiveAndroid is a disk image LiveCD operating system Google Android. Just record the image on the disc, placing it in the CD-ROM drive and restart your computer and you can use Android, without installing it and not touching any files on your computer

Tags: LiveCD, Android
Views: 0 author: laser 24-05-2011, 10:20 Comments (0) Read More


PersonalBrain Software » For MacOSX #6

Mac OS X | 37.99 MB

PersonalBrain helped us organize our thoughts, notes, and research while writing this very article.
Simultaneously a wonder of nature and source of constant frustration, the human brain can effortlessly choreograph the movements of a complex body yet fail to record the location of car keys. Imperfect, yes, but its all weve got. To help us exercise a little more control over our master, TheBrain Technologies offers PersonalBrain Pro.
Views: 0 author: KingOfDCP 20-04-2011, 20:59 Comments (0) Read More


Out of Hell : Unreal Tournament +MOD (2004/2009/ENG/RUS/RePack from RG NoLimits-Team GameS) Games #7

Out of Hell : Unreal Tournament +MOD (2004/2009/ENG/RUS/RePack from RG NoLimits-Team GameS)

Out of Hell : Unreal Tournament +MOD (2004/2009/ENG/RUS/RePack from RG NoLimits-Team GameS)
Year:15, 2004 | PC Game | ENG RUS | Developer: Epic Games | Publisher: Atari | 2.31 GB
Genre: Action / 1st Person / Horror

Inlate 2009, Long Nguyen with composer Justin Lassenom finished sevenyears of work on Out of Hell - a total conversion of Unreal Tournament2004, which is a mixture of Resident Evil and Silent Hill from the firstlitsa.Out of Hell - a total conversion for Unreal Tournament 2004,adventure horror -first-person shooter that tells the story of theevents in the fictional town of Greenwood Industrial (Grinwood). Sevenyears developed Nguyenom Long (Long Nguyen), was nominated for thecompetition Best singlpleerny modes edited by ModDB and won thenomination The most original design.
Views: 0 author: ibrahimk6c 31-07-2011, 13:54 Comments (0) Read More


Mailplane 2.4 Software » For MacOSX #8

Mailplane 2.4
Mailplane 2.4
Mac OS X | 29 MB

Mailplane brings Gmail to your Mac desktop. Mailplane combines Gmails spam protection, endless storage, global access, and unique user interface with great Mac features
Views: 0 author: KingOfDCP 19-05-2011, 07:07 Comments (0) Read More


Ueberschall Action Cuts ELASTiK Software » For MacOSX #9

Ueberschall Action Cuts ELASTiK
Ueberschall Action Cuts ELASTiK | 803 MB

Views: 0 author: shareforall 14-07-2013, 05:49 Comments (0) Read More


Steinberg Nuendo 4.3 Software #10

Steinberg Nuendo 4.3

Steinberg Nuendo 4.3.Inc Plugins,Template,Projects,Libraries
28.05.2011 | 3.9 GB

New automation system: individual punch out modes per channel, multi-functional preview that helps you find the correct parameters and make changes in several parameters at once, excluding suspension functionality parameters in reading and writing, filling and assistant command Unique Touch Collect

Tags: Software, Applications, Programs, Download, Filesonic
Views: 0 author: tanya-j 8-06-2011, 14:13 Comments (0) Read More


Satoru Goto, Robot Arms E-Books #11

Satoru Goto, Robot Arms

Satoru Goto, Robot Arms
ISBN: 9533071602 | edition 2011 | PDF | 272 pages | 16 mb

Robot arms have been developing since 1960's, and those are widely used in industrial factories such as welding, painting, assembly, transportation, etc. Nowadays, the robot arms are indispensable for automation of factories. Moreover, applications of the robot arms are not limited to the industrial factory but expanded to living space or outer space. The robot arm is an integrated technology, and its technological elements are actuators, sensors, mechanism, control and system, etc.
Views: 0 author: shareforall 25-02-2013, 20:11 Comments (0) Read More


SkySafari Pro 2012 1.0.1 PDA & Mobile #12

SkySafari Pro 2012 1.0.1

SkySafari Pro 2012 1.0.1

SkySafari Pro 2012 1.0.1 | 592 MB

Views: 0 author: zerouploader 20-01-2012, 10:36 Comments (0) Read More


Mac OS X Leopard For AMD And Intel v10.5.1 Software #13

Mac OS X Leopard For AMD And Intel v10.5.1

Mac OS X Leopard For AMD And Intel v10.5.1
Views: 0 author: mrhello121 10-07-2010, 18:34 Comments (0) Read More


Jitbit Macro Recorder PDA & Mobile » Application #14

Jitbit Macro Recorder

Jitbit Macro Recorder | 6.4Mb
Views: 0 author: UiiZii 6-07-2010, 22:15 Comments (0) Read More


Wingware WingIDE Professional v3.2.9.1 updated new Software #15

Wingware WingIDE Professional v3.2.9.1 updated new

Wingware WingIDE Professional v3.2.9.1 | 20.8 MB
Views: 0 author: downloadine 25-08-2010, 17:28 Comments (0) Read More


Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls Complete Series 720p x264-IPT Movies » TV Shows #16

Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls Complete Series 720p x264-IPT

Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls Complete Series 720p x264-IPT
Language: English
MKV | H264 2867kbps | 1280 x 720 23fps | MP2 128kbps | 5.76 GB
Genre: TV Show | Action, Ecchi, Martial Arts, Novel, School Life, Seinen, Swordplay

The series takes place in an alternate version of Japan called Great Japan (???? Dai Nippon-koku?), in an alternate timeline where the Tokugawa shogunate remained active and has remained isolated from the rest of the world.
Views: 0 author: kissyou 14-10-2011, 10:28 Comments (0) Read More


Android GIGA PACK Apps and Games NEW 2011 PDA & Mobile » Application #17

Android GIGA PACK Apps and Games  NEW 2011

Android GIGA PACK Apps and Games NEW 2011 | 1.03 GB

Android GIGA PACK Apps and Games NEW Releases on the World 2011
Views: 0 author: ibrahimk6c 15-10-2011, 17:25 Comments (0) Read More


Tuxedo - Explorers (2014) Music #18

Tuxedo - Explorers (2014)
Artist: Tuxedo
Title Of Album: Explorers
Year Of Release: 01 March, 2014
Label: Massive Harmony Records
Genre: Progressive House / Techno
Quality: Mp3
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Total Time: 00:41:14 min
Total Size: 94,80 mb

Tags: Tuxedo, Explorers, 2014
Views: 0 author: girlbigwarez88 20-04-2014, 21:12 Comments (0) Read More


Top 10 Beautifull Windows Vista Themes NVZ Software » Desktop Enhancements #19

Top 10 Beautifull Windows Vista Themes NVZ

Top 10 Beautifull Windows Vista Themes | 105 Mb

Tags: Top, 10, Beautifull, Windows, Vista, Themes
Views: 0 author: viethak 16-04-2010, 19:57 Comments (0) Read More


Macro Mania portable Software » Portable #20

Macro Mania portable

Macro Mania portable | 14.84 MB

Whether you are looking for a personal productivity tool or, like many of our corporate customers, need a powerful, reliable program to automate tasks in a professional environment, Macro Mania is your solution. Quite simply, Macro Mania will save you time and money. It's hard to limit a discussion featuring all the many things Macro Mania can do for you, but we know your time is valuable. Here are some main features...
Views: 0 author: whathesupa 9-10-2010, 05:28 Comments (0) Read More


CBT Nuggets Visual Basic Fundamentals E-Books #21

CBT Nuggets Visual Basic Fundamentals

CBTNuggets Visual Basic Fundamentals | 625 MB

The CBT Nuggets VB Fundamentals Package completely covers the fundamentals you need to learn Visual Basic. This series also utilizes additional learning resources on; a website we maintain for a learning supplement for current customers. All of the code used as examples and demos throughout the Visual Basic videos will be available here for download so you can reinforce the material covered.
Views: 0 author: creativelivenew 28-03-2011, 05:43 Comments (0) Read More


XP Repair Pro v4.1.0 Software » System Tools #22

XP Repair Pro v4.1.0

Windows software | XP Repair Pro 4.1.0 | 5.5 MB

XP Repair Pro is a popular system utility that is designed to allow any computer user to quickly and easily repair common errors that occur in Windows and thousands of other software titles.
Views: 0 author: zerocoolvn 18-04-2011, 01:40 Comments (0) Read More


Android Megapack March 2011 PDA & Mobile » Application #23

Android Megapack March 2011

Android Megapack March 2011 | 1.56 GB

I have made this Android apps & games pack myself collection of hundreds of games & apps. Switching to this format for most Android stuff from now on. Makes it easier since I can always provide the latest versions of stuff without having to worry about deleting the old ones. I hope you will enjoy this.

Tags: mobile, android
Views: 0 author: Kazuowa 10-03-2011, 10:35 Comments (0) Read More


PDFill PDF Editor 8.0 Software » Anti-Spyware #24

PDFill PDF Editor 8.0

PDFill PDF Editor 8.0 | 25MB
Views: 0 author: goihon_dk5 24-10-2010, 04:21 Comments (0) Read More


Razorsql v6.0.7 (Mac OSX) Software » For MacOSX #25

Razorsql v6.0.7 (Mac OSX)

Razorsql v6.0.7 (Mac OSX) | 50 MB

RazorSQL is an SQL query tool, database browser, SQL editor, and database administration tool for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Solaris. Advanced Connection Features
Views: 0 author: bestsoft84 12-04-2013, 19:34 Comments (0) Read More